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Focus on Your Strengths

There are some researches saying that 40% of the employees are holding a wrong position. The reasons for this big number, especially in the fast growing economies, are that companies develop too fast. Their HR departments are kept mainly to solve the administrative issues and there is no time for employees’ development programs and proper candidate’s selection. If you want to be happy at your job do not let to be recruited for any kind of job. You should make self-evaluation and focus on your strengths.

If you are a shy person and going to a party with people you have never met would give you uncomfortable feelings, then you are definitely not born to be a sales person. \If you do not like to read newspapers, magazines and books, then you will not fit in a position as Public Relation Manager. We could give many examples. The best way on how to evaluate your strengths is to talk to your colleagues, relatives and friends and ask them how they see you. Ask themwhat they see as your strong and weak pointsfrom their perspective. Make a list of your personal skills and link them to different jobs and the skills required to perform those jobs. Once you have done that, you will be in the position to say “ I want and will perform well as a Sales Manager, or I will perform better as a Station Manager.” It could happen that the result of your study will surprise even you and you will find out that you have the skills to become Air Traffic Controller or a Pilot. In any case it is very interesting study and we strongly recommend getting to know yourself first and then concentrate on the job you are good for.



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